Visitors and Prospective Members

Thanks for visiting our church and inquiring about membership at Mercy Baptist Church!

If you haven’t yet received copies of these books, please look on the glass book case in the back of the auditorium or ask a member who can get you a copy:

  1. Unedited London Confession of Faith (1689)
  2. Modernized London Confession of Faith (1689)
  3. Dever’s What Is a Healthy Church?
  4. Anyabwile’s What Is a Healthy Church Member?
  5. Parsons’s Why Do We Have Creeds?
  6. Dever and Dunlop’s The Compelling Community

If you join, you’re also welcome to borrow one of each of our hymnals (Trinity Hymnal; Sing the Wonders) to take home and use for personal devotions, or for when you’re sick at home and are watching our services online so you can follow along with the songs.

Here’s what our membership process looks like:

  1. Read our Bylaws and Constitution.
  2. Listen to “Introduction to (Our church),” a 3-part Sunday school series on the basics of Mercy Baptist (then called The King’s Chapel).
  3. Fill out a membership application.
  4. After receiving your application, the elder(s) will interview you about your profession of faith, baptism, and Christian life.
  5. The elder(s) will recommend you to the church family for membership, and give them a chance to talk with you if they like about your profession of faith, baptism, and Christian testimony.
  6. At a members meeting, the current members will give a verbal affirmation to add you to our membership. They’ll affirm something like this:

“Do you, the people of the Lord, promise to receive ___________ into your fellowship as a member of the body of Christ, and do you promise to encourage him/her in the Christian faith and help him/her in doing the work of the Lord?”

And they affirm, “We do, with God’s help.”

Get to know the people, ask questions, tell of your conversion to others, learn of their conversion, and keep prayerfully considering whether it’s the Lord’s will for you to join this church!