Mercy Baptist Church (formerly known as The King’s Chapel) is a community of believers from the Cincinnati area who want to grow in Christ together.

Our church was founded in 1971. We were first called Forest Park Community Church, then Reformed Bible Church, then Reformed Baptist Church of Cincinnati, then The King’s Chapel, and now Mercy Baptist Church. We are members of the Reformed Baptist Network.

Our building is located less than a half mile from Interstate 75. 

Whether you are a long-time believer or know nothing about Christ or Christianity, you are welcome at Mercy Baptist Church. We invite you to visit us!

  • Our 10:00am worship service features expository preaching, prayer, Scripture reading, missions focus, and rich psalms, hymns, and songs of the faith.
  • Our ~11:30 Sunday school focuses on teaching and discussing Bible truths.
  • Our Wednesday night Bible studies address a passage or book of the Bible using an inductive method. We often offer men’s and women’s Bible studies that alternate with the the group Bible study.

At Mercy Baptist Church, we desire by God’s grace to:

  • Glorify God the Father by exalting the person and work of Jesus Christ our Lord through the power of the Spirit
  • Worship God faithfully and reverently when we gather together
  • Love one another as Christ has loved us
  • Spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout our community and the world
We confess the same truths historically confessed by the Christian church and those of the Reformation.