Membership at Mercy Baptist Church

Thanks for visiting our church and inquiring about membership at Mercy Baptist Church!

Learning more about Mercy Baptist Church

 We recommend the following resources that describe what membership at MBC is like. We have many of these titles available to give to you, so ask leadership if you have an interest.

  1. Booklets of our beliefs: London Confession of Faith (1689) in original 17th century language, and modernized edition of the London Confession
  2. Dever’s What Is a Healthy Church?
  3. Anyabwile’s What Is a Healthy Church Member?
  4. Parsons’s Why Do We Have Creeds?
  5. Dever and Dunlop’s The Compelling Community

How to apply for membership:

  1. Read our confession of faith and bylaws and Constitution.
  2. Listen to “Introduction to” Mercy Baptist Church, a 4-part Sunday school series on the basics of Mercy Baptist (then called The King’s Chapel): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.
  3. Fill out a membership application, which includes your covenant with our church and its members. (Let us know if you’d like a hard copy of the application.)
  4. After receiving your application, the elder(s) will interview you about your profession of faith, baptism, and Christian life.
  5. The elder(s) will recommend you to the church family for membership, and give them a chance to talk with you about your profession of faith, baptism, and Christian testimony.
  6. At a members meeting, the current members and the new members will covenant together using the members covenant.

Get to know the people, ask questions, tell of your conversion to others, learn of their conversion, and keep prayerfully considering whether it’s the Lord’s will for you to join this church!